Doors to the Sacred Grove are now closed:

Re-Open September 2018

Monday the 24th September

ENERGETIC SELF-CARE: 25th September - 4th October

Your SHEro's 28-day Journey: 9th October - 6th November

SHEro Sister, It's Time.

Time for you to stop avoiding your truth.

That deep inner knowing that tells you you're ready for a breakthrough.

The breakthrough that you feel so close to, if only you could run towards it, instead of away from it.

This is a pivotal moment for you.

Choose to step into your brilliance and allow your true self to emerge.

Give yourself permission to be supported.

You no longer have to do this alone.

The SHEro's Sacred Grove is a deeply nourishing experience for women like you, who are ready to awaken, step into, and claim, their space in the world, as the truly powerful women they know they are.

When you make the space to connect with your inner wisdom, and come in closer contact with your mystical side, you will remember how holy and sacred you are.

And, once again embody your empowered feminine radiance in the most tangible ways.

  • Are you one of the many awakening women who has had a glimpse of her own true power, but isn't yet sustainably owning it?

  • Do you find yourself feeling confident and ready to make the changes you desire, then shying away from your true potential?

  • Do you have a deep knowing that you are meant for more, but don't have the structure in place to support your expansion?

  • Is your intuition growing stronger, yet you still find yourself doubting your inner wisdom?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then The SHEro's Sacred Grove can help you stay TRUE TO YOURSELF month after month!

Getting regular, ongoing support to nourish yourself first, AND having access to a powerful group of women that have your back, you will stay the course of your destiny and soul purpose ... no matter what the outer circumstances of your life are.


The Women of the World are Awakening

We live in a world that tells you that you can “have it all” as long as you conform to its impossible standards. It can be just as impossible to know where you should focus your attention, so that you can break free and express your soul's desire, in your own way.

You Have a Secret Ally

… And it ISN’T just some intangible concept reserved only for the few. It’s something you can touch and hold, and if you listen very closely, you can hear it softly whispering exactly what you need to do.


Aren't You Tired of Fighting Against Your Own Inner Wisdom?

You may already be feeling worn out by the constant pressure of making decisions that seemingly put the needs/opinions/judgements of everyone else before your own.

In today's crazy-busy, information overloaded world, along with a heaping dose of daily responsibilities, it can seem increasingly difficult to drown out the noise. Let alone actually hear your own thoughts, feel your own feelings and process the events of the day ... or even your life!

This can make you increasingly anxious, overwhelmed, disconnected and exhausted, and, worst of all, resentful of the very people you love the most.

Let’s help you change all of that in The SHEro's Sacred Grove experience!

Whilst most (sensible?) people will tell you that you need to listen to your inner-voice, and prioritise your own self-care, what they don't know is the missing piece of the puzzle.

And what’s the missing ingredient, you ask?

The crucial part of this experience that sets it apart from other programs is how it helps you align your own energy system with your soul's calling, and connect to the rhythms that flow around you and within you.


Being Your Luminous, Brilliant Self is Easier Than you Thought.

There is another way to live your life, a way that is led by your energy and internal rhythms.

With your own inner wisdom at the helm, you’ll know when to take action and when to rest and rejuvenate your resources. You will stop doing, doing, doing, doing (like a hamster running on a wheel) until you collapse with exhaustion.

The SHEro's Sacred Grove's way of being honours the very essence of your feminine power.

It is a way that tunes in to the ebb and flow, that has been quietly calling to you, your whole life.

It's time to dance with change and move forward on your path, rather than fight to stay stuck in a life that feels passionless.

You've witnessed this cycle in the changing of the seasons, in the way in which day turns to night, and back to day again.

You've felt this ebb and flow within your own body, your energy changing throughout the month as you've experienced your own menstrual cycle.

It's time for you to harness the ebb and flow of your own being ... to know when to keep paddling towards that wave of power, and when to just stop efforting and ride the tide to move you to exactly where you want to be.

The ironic thing is, you actually get more done this way, just in the same way you often have your best ideas in the shower, or while on holiday.


Welcome To The SHEro's Sacred Grove!

It’s time to reclaim, name and own your brilliance.

Join me and a circle of grounded, supportive women in a monthly sacred space to honour, nurture, nourish, and support YOU!

"When you align with your own natural rhythms, you begin feel more comfortable in your own skin and embrace your own inner radiance"

Within The Sacred Grove you will:

Learn the art of embodying the fullness of who you are, rather than feeling like an empty-shell

Transform those stuck areas of your life with ease, realising that it doesn't have to be arduous

Experience pivital transformation as you learn to hear the messages from your body and higher-self

Discover how to use your natural rhythms, and the cycles of the nature, to deepen your connection with yourself

Confidently stand in your own power

Discover and claim your true gifts, aka your SHEro Super Powers

Spiral deeper into the truth of who you are, allowing you to 'just be'

Most Importantly:

This is not an information gathering exercise. My intention was to create this Sacred Grove as primarily an experiential process. Although, if you’d like to know the How's and Why's I have you covered with beautiful eBooks and recordings.

NOTE: This is a program designed to get you experiencing the energies of nature, the vital life force within you, and really discovering more about who you are, and what you are here to do. (It's not another intellectual or fun quiz about your personality type! Although I do love those too.)


In a world that spends so much time, energy and resources trying to control everything, to create certainty and avoid change, embracing anything that is wild, untamed and unpredictable is an act of rebellion.

Doesn’t it sound delicious to be unapologetically YOU? Completely flawsome (meaning “awesome with all of your flaws”) and loving each moment?

Can you imagine how much more exciting our world could be with all of us being true to our own raw and powerful natures?

I like to think of this Sacred Grove as a space where Super SHEroes are able to leap over old, outworn patriarchal patterns in a single bound!

The SHEro's Sacred Grove is the COMPLETE package that you need to Nourish and Energetically Support Your Body, Mind and Soul.

You Will Gain Access To:

Sacred Self-Care Tools
Each month receive access to carefully created tools and exercises, to enhance your self-care, so that feel nourished, deepening your levels of self-love, whilst honouring your value and increasing your levels of self-worth.
These tools have been created to fit into even the busiest of lives!

Energy-Clearing Meditations

Enjoy the convenience and power of regular 7-min energy clearings that will help you to clear any resistance, or blocks, you might have to you owning your power, whilst nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

Red Tents

Join this virtual gathering of women, on the New and Full Moon, where it is your time to receive and be deeply nourished by the inspirational and deeply moving readings and poems, guided meditations or visualisations, energy clearings, and oracle readings. It's a time to feel nourished, held, safe and nurtured.


This is first and foremost a journey of connection to yourself, to remember your magic, and reclaim your power.

You can join us for a month, or for a year, and leave whenever you like - no drama, no hard feelings!

Each month that you stay, you will journey deeper into the experience, and learn a little more about yourself and how you show up in the world.

I 100,000% recommend this to you if you're a woman seeking support on your SHEro's Journey, to find yourself, and to make your mark on the world. Let yourself be served by Rebecca's gentle and lovely yet oh-so-powerful energy. Plus her mad creativity with pulling it off to make this so simple!"

Éva Rawposa, West Tisbury, MA, USA.

Each Month EVERYONE receives over $1600 in value:

  • x3 Grounding and Centering Sessions a week (Value: $600)
    Join us, and follow along, with these live quick and easy SACRED starts to your day. They will leave you feeling refreshed, centred and grounded, whilst bringing you the greatest clarity you've ever experienced. "Life-Changing" is the most common feedback I routinely hear about this 15 minute practice.

    "The SACRED Start's Feel Like the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle" - Mackenzie

    "Rebecca's daily practice has given me the tools to quickly and easily clear away what isn't mine and keep my boundaries firm." - Shirley

  • x2 Energy Clearing Healing Sessions a month (Value: $160)
    Clear away the energetic debris of the week, and release deep seated patterns and fears with ease. Enjoy feeling refreshed, free and clear.

    "Rebecca is one of the most powerful and unassuming healers I know." - Ingrid Arna
    " My life had moved on in two months working with Rebecca than it had in the previous 2 years." - Susan Leadbeater

  • x2 Virtual Red Tents a month (Value: $260)
    Join us in this beautifully, restorative sacred space as we set powerful and clear intentions with the New Moon, and release those things that no longer serve us with the power of the Full Moon. Take the time to rest and nourished.

    "Today was phenomenal! Thank you for being amazing and such a good guide on these journeys." - Jody
    "Wow that was amazing! Deep clearing and a huge aha moment during the clearing as I spotted a pattern running through my life and work. Love that meditation" - Tasha

  • A Crystal Grid programmed each month (Value: $150)
    Tap into the energy of our sacred space and feel held by the power and energy of the crystal grid, knowing that you're divinely supported.

  • Sacred Sisterhood (Value: Priceless)
    Often as you walk this path, explore your own beliefs and choose to go your own way, it can feel as if no one understands you. You can feel alone or isolated, as you crave to have deep conversations about the things that matter to you, but feel as if you won't be heard.
    The Sacred Grove is the perfect place to be witnessed, heard and seen. No topics are off limits as you explore your expanding consciousness and understanding of who you are,
    We will be there to offer you a virtual cup of tea (yes, I'm terribly British lol) when you face your challenges, and we'll celebrate you as you overcome them.

For Your Curiosity and Inspiration...

Each month, you'll also have access to:

  • Lunar Love, ideas and self-care for that perfectly correspond to the energy of the month, allowing you to step into the flow of life, instead of fighting against it. (Value $150)

  • A Month at a Glance Calendar, A done for you support system, complete with the eight moon phases, and useful information including what the energy of the day is best for, affirmations, and plant and crystal allies. (Value $50)

  • New Moon and Full Moon Oracle Spreads, Meditations and Colouring Sheets, create some time to enjoy a sacred pause. Tap into your intuition, explore your creativity, and harness the power of the moon. Stabilise your energy, feel grounded and safe as you navigate the ebb and flow of the energy throughout the month. (VALUE: $250)

You will also receive

  • Access to SHEro Mystery School Courses (VALUE $2000)
  • Enjoy browsing through the wide range of courses, and dipping in and out of them as you feel called to explore them. (For the full list of courses see below)

  • Magical Moon Meditations (VALUE $US 16)

Eight meditations to ease you through the transition of each lunar phase, and allow you to connect more deeply to the energy.

Each meditation is accompanied by specially composed music to balance the corresponding chakra for each moon phase.

The meditations are 8 minutes long, so can easy fit into your busy day.

"I have had such a positive experience using these meditations and cannot Thankyou enough Rebecca for producing them. I have been using these moon meditations for the last couple of moon cycles and it really has an amazing power to bring clarity and quieten the noise so that you can understand what emotions and blocks you may be currently be facing. I cannot rave enough about these meditations, I listen to them everyday and highly recommend them to everyone." Emma Cox

That's over $3000 in value, from just $47 a month

If you are ready for more, I have you covered!

There are 3 levels of support and Sisterhood for you to choose from:


You want to be part of an active, and supportive, community. You're curious about all things mystical and are ready to explore things at your own pace.


You're looking for more in-depth, structured support. You recognise that you learn and take bolder action with more live interaction and guidance.


You've had enough of your own stories and limiting patterns, and you're more than ready to get out of your own way, and uplevel all areas of your life. You value 1-2-1 support as you know you are ready for transformational change!

Rowan and Yew Sisters also receive:

To satiate your soul and refill your cup ...

Quarterly Virtual Red Tent Days (annual value $1000)
Join us in sacred circle …

from the comfort of your own home! Take a time out to nurture your body, mind and soul … where you can dip into silence and stillness as needed.

You’ll receive an outline of the day, including suggested activities. There will be the opportunity throughout the day to come together for group activities such as meditations, energy clearings, card readings and discussion/sharing.

There are no rules for this personal retreat time. You can skip some or all of the group activities if you need more YOU time.

SHEro Sacred Power Activations (annual value $2500 a year)

Get ready to be inspired by the myths and stories of the SHEro's associated with the seasons.

Discover how you can activate your own inner strength as you connect to their energy, and use their lessons to support you in your everyday life.

We'll explore soulful stories, centering meditations and vision journeys, creative craft ideas and heart-opening journal prompts for each turn of the wheel.

Re-Enchant Your Life virtual-Retreats (annual value $1600)

Enter the sacred space of the virtual Red Tent, gather with women who support you and will raise you up, as you allow yourself to step into the biggest vision you have for yourself.

Take the time to reconnect, review and course-correct, as you discover and weave your own magic and re-enchant your life

Yew Sisters also receive:

For deep healing and transformational change

Monthly 1-2-1 Session (monthly value $250)
Each month choose from a powerful 60 minute coaching session, or a deeply healing kinesiology session.

Both are designed to radically shift where you are. Show up fully in your life, whilst remaining connected and centred to who you are.

Fully express yourself with confidence, grace and ease, as you consciously create your life, and positively contribute to the world you want to live in.

Fall in love with yourself, and your life!

Your Guide On Your Adventure

Rebecca Kane
Rebecca Kane

Hi! I'm Rebecca Kane and I am here to guide you on Your SHEro's Journey!

I'm a Mystic Healer, and Cauldron Priestess.

I was recently told that I was "the best Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader a gal could ask for"

That's some title, but one that certainly sums me up well!

For the past 18 years I've been working with women who have come to me feeling 'out of sorts', not quite being able to put their finger on why they aren't feeling truly happy, when externally things in their life seem 'right'.

These women had lost touch with who they really are, they needed to remember who they were so that they could come home to themselves.

(Just think about that for a minute... Imagine coming home to yourself... I don't know about you, but that just makes me go ahhhhhh, and in such a good way)

They needed to embrace ALL of themselves, and not just the 'pretty' parts.

Using my Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader, and Healer tools, that I've been honing over the last 16 years, I have worked with these women to transform their lives, and their relationship with themselves. Leaving them feeling deeply rooted in who they were. They could then show up in the fullness of who they are! And the world is in desperate need of people - especially women - who are willing to 'go there' and become whole again.

It's about embracing your wholeness, not being perfect! And SHEro Mystery School is the PERFECT place to start this adventure!

Courses Included In This Program:

SHEro Summer School 2018
Rebecca Kane
3-Steps to Energetic Self-Care
Rebecca Kane
Energy Charting
Creating your own map for self awareness
Rebecca Kane
SHEro Power
The 5-Step Plan to Stepping Into Your P.O.W.E.R.
Rebecca Kane
SHEro Seasonal DANCE Party
Rebecca Kane
8 payments of $67/m
Moon Mysteries and Women's Wisdom
Discover how the cycles that are around you and within you can become your greatest allies.
Rebecca Kane
Manifesting With The Moon
Rebecca Kane
Getting Started (or starting again)
How to get the most from your Lunar Love experience
Rebecca Kane
SHEro Lunar Love - Monthly Content
Monthly content to help you feel more connected and DANCE with the rhythms around you and within you
Rebecca Kane
A Sacred Pause
Time to slow down and reconnect
Rebecca Kane
Journey Casting
Tapping into your guidance from the SHEroes
Rebecca Kane
Lunar Oracle
Rebecca Kane
The SHEro Library
Rebecca Kane

Original Price: $1,352

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends whenever you want it to! You can join us for one month, or for an entire your. The longer you immerse yourself in this program, the deeper you will spiral, and the more connected you will feel.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have access to the course and community for as long as you're a member. Once you join us, you can download all of the content and keep to refer to forever.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.