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Learn to DANCE with the Rhythms of the Seasons

Remember and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Join us as we celebrate the wild, mysterious, and powerful woman that we all are!

"The SHEro DANCE Parties have been created for women who are ready to REMEMBER who they truly, and reconnect to their SACRED PURPOSE."


Remember and awaken to the magic that each season shares with us, as you DANCE with The SHEro Wheel of Awakening.

Discover - Awaken - Nurture - Celebrate -Embody

"When you DANCE with the natural rhythms of life you feel empowered on your SHEro's Journey of Sacred Purpose."

You're invited to join our fun filled seasonal DANCE Party - Instant access!

DISCOVER How To Use ancient wisdom in our modern times

We will look at the importance the season, and learn how it's energy can support us to live an aligned and consciously created life.

AWAKEN Your Inner SHEro

As you work with the seasons you can use it's energy to support your inner SHEro and align with your deepest desires.

NURTURE Your Body, Mind and Soul

Learn how to fully nurture yourself and feel held throughout the year, choosing the most beneficial activities to support you and your dreams.


Witness that the energies of the season are both around you and within you. See these changes as a source of your super powers, not something to be denied or tamed.

EMBODY All of You

Learn to embody all of yourself, and not just the 'pretty', socially acceptable, parts, and understand at a cellular level, the magical and sovereign woman that you truly are.

The DANCE Parties:


Marks the end of the harvest season. It's a time of endings and beginnings.

A celebration of remembrance.

Winter Solstice - Yule

The longest night and the shortest day, It marks the returning of the sun.

A celebration of rebirth.


Marks the passing of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

A celebration of awakening and inspiration.

Vernal Equinox - Ostara

A day when day and night are of equal balance. The first day of Spring.

A celebration of new life.


Beltane is the season of maturing life and deep found love. It's about fertility, creativity, and the power of life.

A celebration of love and life.

Summer Solstice - Litha

The longest day and the shortest night.

A celebration of the nurturing and receptive qualities of the coming darkness.


Transformation as Summer begins to turn to Autumn. A time to harvest the crops and lessons of the year.

A celebration of gratitude and blessings.

Autumnal Equinox - Mabon

Day and night are of equal length, bringing balance and harmony, and with it t he needed change and transformation.

A celebration of restored balance and integration.

Your Guide On Your Adventure

Rebecca Kane
Rebecca Kane

Hi! I'm Rebecca Kane and I am here to guide you on Your SHEro's Journey!

I'm a Mystic Healer, and Cauldron Priestess.

I was recently told that I was "the best Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader a gal could ask for"

That's some title, but one that certainly sums me up well!

For the past 16 years I've been working with women who have come to me feeling 'out of sorts', not quite being able to put their finger on why they aren't feeling truly happy, when externally things in their life seem 'right'.

These women had lost touch with who they really are, they needed to remember who they were so that they could come home to themselves.

(Just think about that for a minute... Imagine coming home to yourself... I don't know about you, but that just makes me go ahhhhhh, and in such a good way)

They needed to embrace ALL of themselves, and not just the 'pretty' parts.

Using my Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader, and Healer tools, that I've been honing over the last 16 years, I have worked with these women to transform their lives, and their relationship with themselves. Leaving them feeling deeply rooted in who they were. They could then show up in the fullness of who they are! And the world is in desperate need of people - especially women - who are willing to 'go there' and become whole again.

It's about embracing your wholeness, not being perfect! And SHEro Mystery School is the PERFECT place to start this adventure!

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