Activate Your Inner Wisdom

Our world revolves around patterns and cycles.

You wake up each morning.

You eat your breakfast, stretch and move your body, shower and then attend to your responsibilities and obligations.

You listen to stories about the world, politics, your neighbour, your friends’ love lives.

You come home, make dinner (or order it), watch a little late night news and then your head hits the pillow.

Next day … repeat.

Underneath this pattern of living is the unseen world, ruled by the cycles of the moon.


The power of the moon moves the ocean tides and stirs our emotions throughout the month.

Yet, we mostly respond to life on autopilot and are not consciously aware of the sacred rhythms pulsating the universe into being each and every moment.

Moon Mysteries and Women’s Wisdom
brings you into direct CONNECTION with your inner Divine Feminine so you can step off of the merry-go-round of ordinary life.

That’s right. You are meant to be a MAGICAL being living a MIRACULOUS life of your own design.

Maybe you’ve forgotten.

Maybe you’re letting fear-based thoughts limit you and your opportunities.

Maybe you’ve chosen a path of least resistance and have lost yourself in the process.

Take a deep breath. I know you’re just reading a page on a website. It may feel insignificant. But, you are here because underneath it all you are seeking NOURISHMENT FOR YOUR SOUL.

Now, I’d love for you to be 100% truthful with yourself about what you truly wish to manifest in your life.

Being able to find CLARITY in your TRUE DESIRES will set you on your true path to BLISS.

I designed the curriculum for Moon Mysteries and Women’s Wisdom to help illuminate the way back home to your TRUE SELF.

The self that you’ve kept hidden because what you truly wish for is so BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL.

It’s time to stop blocking yourself off from your own WISDOM and your true HAPPINESS.

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Let The Moon Be Your Guide

When you decide to be the deliberate and intentional Creatrix of your life, things that once felt impossible or challenging begin to FLOW with EASE.

You become more comfortable in your own skin. You RADIATE and GLOW from head to toe because you feel relaxed and are overtaken by a sense of spaciousness.

Decisions are made effortlessly because you have a DIRECT CONNECTION TO YOUR HEART.

As you take action on your intentions, the universe moves you exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time. You trust your intuition explicitly.

The moon guides you throughout the month by activating your INNATE WISDOM and FEMININE POWER.

You are the change maker of your life.

Embrace your own power and TRUST your loving heart.

Join this FREE course and begin a new journey that will reveal the mysteries and beauty of your own soul!

What You'll Receive

When you sign up for 'Moon Mysteries and Women's Wisdom', you will deepen your journey of letting the power of the Moon, assist you on your SHEro's Journey.

SHEro Super Powers
Discover how the moon enhances your SHEro Super Powers, and how you can learn to use them to connect to your SHEro power within, where you'll feel more peaceful, and start to love yourself more, whilst owning your truth.

New and Full Moon Oracle Spreads
Learn to use the energy of the moon to activate and deepen your connection with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Creative Colouring
Use these beautiful colouring pages to meditate with, or in your own personal ritual, to dive deeper and explore the different energies of the New and Full Moons.

Moon Meditations
Listen to these 7-minute energy-clearing meditations to help you navigate the ebb and flow of the moon cycle with more grace and ease.

Moon Rituals
Use these rituals to mark the transitions in the month, and help you to set clear intentions, and let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Bonus Support Material
Discover how the use of crystals and essential oils can nourish and support you as we move through the cycle of the moon.


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Your Guide On Your Adventure

Rebecca Kane
Rebecca Kane

Hi! I'm Rebecca Kane and I am here to guide you on Your SHEro's Journey!

I'm a Mystic Healer, and Cauldron Priestess.

I was recently told that I was "the best Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader a gal could ask for"

That's some title, but one that certainly sums me up well!

For the past 18 years I've been working with women who have come to me feeling 'out of sorts', not quite being able to put their finger on why they aren't feeling truly happy, when externally things in their life seem 'right'.

These women had lost touch with who they really are, they needed to remember who they were so that they could come home to themselves.

(Just think about that for a minute... Imagine coming home to yourself... I don't know about you, but that just makes me go ahhhhhh, and in such a good way)

They needed to embrace ALL of themselves, and not just the 'pretty' parts.

Using my Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader, and Healer tools, that I've been honing over the last 16 years, I have worked with these women to transform their lives, and their relationship with themselves. Leaving them feeling deeply rooted in who they were. They could then show up in the fullness of who they are! And the world is in desperate need of people - especially women - who are willing to 'go there' and become whole again.

It's about embracing your wholeness, not being perfect! And SHEro Mystery School is the PERFECT place to start this adventure!

Class Curriculum

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