You're invited on a Journey of Awakening and Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine Power.
Embody Your Truth. Embody Your Sacred Purpose.


Remember and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

SHEro Mystery School has been created for women who are ready to REMEMBER who they truly are, and reconnect to their SACRED PURPOSE.

It Can Be Hard to Be The SHEro of Your Own Life...

In a world that seems to want to keep you small, to hold you back from going after your dreams, and embodying the magic of who you are, it can be hard to forge your own path, and follow the whispers of your Soul.

When you try, and step into your power, it can un-nerve those around you, and it can lead you to hold yourself back, repressing your true desires, so that you don't 'rock the boat'.

Can you TRUST your intuition, or are you confusing it with wishful thinking?

Are you experiencing discomfort because of GROWTH, or because it's a sign telling you to CHANGE course?

Should you follow someone else's idea of success to find your SOUL PATH, or should you make your own way?

The noise, and the opinions of others, can become entwined with any limiting beliefs, or sub-conscious patterns that you have from past events that remain unresolved, or unhealed, making it incredibly hard, if not impossible, to understand what the right thing for you to do is.

You end up holding back, and perpetuating the same old stuff.

Where It's Easy For You To Become Stuck

Following Your Dreams

The Expected Way...

As a woman, we have often learnt that we are the caregivers, the nurturers, and that we should put the needs of others before our own.

The SHEro Way

The SHEro knows that it's essential that she honours her dreams and desires, or she will become resentful and frustrated.

Trusting Your Intuition

The Expected Way

Life expects you to listen to others, and seek validation from external sources. Yet their is so much information out there, full of conflicting messages, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

The SHEro Way

A SHEro is fully connected to her energy and intuition, and although she seeks the counsel of people that she trusts, she ultimately trusts her own inner authority.


Become the SHEro of Your Own Life

You can reconnect to your Inner SHEro and Sacred Purpose when you remember how to DANCE with the rhythms of life

Discover - Awaken - Nurture - Celebrate -Embody

DISCOVER Your Ancient Wisdom

Discover the much forgotten mysteries and ancient wisdom of life that speaks of cycles, rhythms, and alignment.

A wisdom passed down from our ancient ancestors through our blood and bone.

Reach out to this Red Thread, connect and remember the truth of who you are, and the power of the great mysteries that reside within you.

AWAKEN Your Inner SHEro

Explore the wildness of your inner-landscape, that reveals itself to you through the stories of old, and colourful archetypes.

Consciously create your life as you confidently make choices that honour your energy, values and feelings.

NURTURE Your Wildest Dreams

As you remember the truth of your SHEro-self, and understand your Sacred Purpose, your dreams, desires, and passions are revealed to you.

Instead of feeling any trepidation and guilt about following these Calls, you embrace them understanding that you are an essential part of your own personal Journey


See yourself with fresh eyes, as you change your focus and see your quirks as gifts.

Feel deeply rooted to the wild and mysterious women that you are becoming.

Feel grounded as you ebb and flow through the natural cycles of being a woman, seeing them as a source of your SHEro Super Powers, that are to be embraced, not denied or suppressed.

EMBODY All of You

In a world that values things that can be tamed, understood, and controlled, it can be hard to embrace the full spectrum of who you are.

But by learning to embody all of yourself, and not just the 'pretty', socially acceptable, parts, you will understand at a cellular level, the magical and sovereign woman that you truly are.

"When you DANCE with the natural rhythms of life you feel empowered on your SHEro's Journey of Sacred Purpose."


A 12-Month Journey for Women Who Want To:

Feel deeply CONNECTED to themselves, and their soul purpose

Experience the feeling of WHOLENESS that comes from embodying all of yourself

HEAL the parts of themselves that are still tied to events from the past

Express the FULLNESS of themselves freely and confidently

CONSCIOUSLY create their own life, one that honours their values, and their energy

Become the SHEro of their own life, embodying their true BRILLIANCE

"You are more powerful than you know. You are a SHEro, a whole, Divine, and magical women, who's here to make a difference"

You know you're ready for SHEro Mystery School, and embark on Your SHEro's Journey when:

You still feel the effects of a significant life challenge - separation, divorce, illness, or loss, even if the event was years ago.

You feel lost, or that somethings missing from your life, and you want some clarity about what to do next.

You feel that you're here for more, you know that you have a Life Purpose to fulfil, but you can't quite pin it down.

You have ever held yourself back because of self-doubt, or fear of not being enough.
You cr
ave more depth, meaning, and connection in your life.



SHEro Mystery School provides the road map and the tools need to begin and sustain your SHEro's Journey.

This Journey will:

Enable you to ACTIVATE and confidently trust your intuition

CONNECT DEEPLY to the rhythms of life that flow around your and within you

Experience a greater sense of PEACE AND JOY in your life


Feel ALIGNED AND IN FLOW with life and your sacred purpose

Answering The Call

SHEro Mystery School is a response to the inner call that women are beginning to hear.

That small voice that won't go away, telling you that you're meant for more. That it's your time to embark on your journey of discovery.

That it's time to break free from the limitations of 'shoulds', and 'what if's', of doing what's expected of you, and following the crowd.

It's responding to the need for women to say YES to themselves, as they call back their creative, visionary self. Their rebellious spirit, and their innocent curiosity, as they claim their intuitive gifts, and integrate them into the everyday magic of life.

SHEro Mystery School provides you with the sacred space to begin, and deepen, your journey of transformation as you step up and own your inner authentic, Divine Feminine power.


Hi! I'm Rebecca Kane and I am here to guide you on Your SHEro's Journey!

I'm a Mystic Healer, and Cauldron Priestess.

I was recently told that I was "the best Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader a gal could ask for"

That's some title, but one that certainly sums me up well!

For the past 17 years I've been working with women who have come to me feeling 'out of sorts', not quite being able to put their finger on why they aren't feeling truly happy, when externally things in their life seem 'right'.

These women had lost touch with who they really are, they needed to remember who they were so that they could come home to themselves.

(Just think about that for a minute... Imagine coming home to yourself... I don't know about you, but that just makes me go ahhhhhh, and in such a good way)

They needed to embrace ALL of themselves, and not just the 'pretty' parts.

Using my Fairy Godmother/ Witchy Headmistress/ Priestess Leader, and Healer tools, that I've been honing over the last 17 years, I have worked with these women to transform their lives, and their relationship with themselves. Leaving them feeling deeply rooted in who they were. They could then show up in the fullness of who they are! And the world is in desperate need of people - especially women - who are willing to 'go there' and become whole again.

It's about
embracing your wholeness, not being perfect! And SHEro Mystery School is the PERFECT place to start this adventure.

Ancient Wisdom... New Paradigms

The teachings of SHEro Mystery School are designed to support you Discover and Awaken the knowledge of the cycles that flow around you, move through you, and work within you, as I believe that is the greatest tool you can use to explore your SHEro Quest for inner growth and understanding.

To do this we use several wheels that all work together:

The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of the Zodiac

The SHEro Wheel of Awakening

Each Wheel is greatly influenced by symbolism and archetypal patterns that help you to re-awaken your inherent, ancient, spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine, as expressed by your SHEro-Self.

All designed to support you to reclaim your power, and your rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected woman that you are.

Starting on October 16th 2017


Join a group of dedicated women from all over the world, as we come together reclaim our energy, cut the energetic cords from the past so that you can step up and claim your space as the passionate, intuitive, women that we were born to be.



The Curriculum

To support you and NURTURE your inner SHEro so that you have the SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, and CONFIDENCE to live your life on-purpose, you'll receive access to everything you need to reclaim your truth, and live your fullest potential.

What You'll Experience

During our 12 months together, we'll spend 6 months on foundational inner transformation, and initiation, as you come home to yourself.

Blended in with that, we'll spend 6 months on integration to stabilise, and activate the truth of who you are.

SHEro Mystery School has been crafted so that you can follow the natural rhythms of the seasons and learn how to recognise and honour these rhythms within yourself.

The 12-Week SHEro Spiral DANCE

You will have access to two opportunities to journey the Spiral DANCE, once in October and then again in April.

During both of these 12 weeks you will heal, and activate, those parts of you that you've been hiding from the world, so that you can embody your gifts, and shine and share your brilliance.

The first 12-weeks is about healing past hurts, and clearing ancestral patterns, so that you can align your energy and uncover your gifts, as you get to re-know yourself.

The second 12-weeks is about building the confidence to claim and expressing these gifts with the world, or at least in your own life.

During the Spiral DANCE you will:

Work with each of the 9 SHEro Archetypes to discover and reclaim their lost wisdom

Have access to weekly calls to support you to dive deeper and embody all that your discover about yourself

Be led through healing practices to release that which no longer serves you

Monthly Topics to Explore Your Awakening SHEro

Each month you will be guided through an exploration of the prevailing energies, and shown you how to use them to activate and awaken your inner SHEro, so that you can claim your inner power, and own your dreams and desires, as you consciously create your life.

Monthly Full Moon and New Moon Virtual Red Tents

During the New Moon you will be guided through personal and group ritual to set powerful intentions, and during the Full Moon you will be guided to release what no longer serves you , or that which no longer serves you.

Live Group Calls

Monthly teaching calls, and group energy clearings with Rebecca

A Private SHEro Community

Share your challenges and successes, with a community of like-minded women who get you, and will witness you.


You will be sent your exclusive SHEro Bundle

This Includes:

The SHEro Archetype Treasure Box

The SHEro's Sacred Space Kit

The Activated SHEro Oracle Cards



The SHEro Circle

I see a chain of women, each listening to each, being present to her as she waits for her Self to be born, for her feeling values to come to form and to birth…Woman after woman, being present, as each finds her voice” ~ Judith Duerk: Journey to Herself.

A Circle is a POWERFUL Place

It has no beginning and no end, it holds and contains, it has clear boundaries, and within it everyone is equal.

The SHEro Circle is your space to be witnessed, heard, and seen.

The women journeying on this path with you are also dedicated to discovering, owning and fulfilling their own life purpose.

When you bring a group of people together with the common aim, the energy is amplified, and magic happens.

Together you will explore the energies of the month, so that you can ACTIVATE and AWAKEN your true self - your Inner SHEro.

These Topics Are:

Transformation and Self-Mastery
Understand how the darkness and the light both weave together to create the beautifully rich tapestry that is your life. Use the darkness to transform your own life.

Expanding Your Vision
Expand your horizons and renew your faith in yourself, in life, and in your spirit, as you get really clear on what's important for you.

Showing Up In The World
Learn to listen to your inner authority, and recognise what needs to be adjusted to bring about deep connection to your Sacred Purpose.

Embracing Your Uniqueness
Discover how your uniqueness and quirks are actually your SHEro Superpowers. Shake things up a bit, and create positive changes for yourself.

Mysticism and Spirituality
Gain greater clarity and insight, as you move past labels, and ignite the vision for your life. Use techniques so that you can release what no longer serves you.

Becoming You
Go on a voyage of discovery as you reclaim your place in the world, and create healthy boundaries so that you can show up as your true self.

Enjoying Pleasure and Abundance
Explore the beauty and pleasure in your life, and discover how to use this as a platform to call in more abundance in all areas of your life

Creating Deep Connections

Discover new ways of being and seeing the world, and create a deeper connection with yourself and the Divine.

Sacred Self-Care
Break free of any limitations, and learn how to feel safe, even whilst feeling vulnerable in your truth.

Claiming Your Power
Get in touch with your heart's desire, and claim what you long to create, as you stand in your own power, and are less concerned of what others may think.

Owning Your Sovereignty
Fully embody who you are here to be. Get clear on what's outlived its purpose, simplify, and cut away the distractions.

Partnerships and Community
Explore the shifts that happen when you speak from your heart, and how these ripples impact your relationships, and create more loving and stable communities.



The Universal Story

SHEro Mystery School is a sacred space where it's safe for women to explore the truth of who they were, and fully embrace all that they can be, as they walk the SHEro Path

For most of my teens and my twenties I had a desire to discover my life purpose. It didn't make rational sense, but I had a longing for more, I knew I was meant from something different that what I saw around me.

My family and friends had no idea what I was talking about, so instead I stopped sharing my dreams and ideas with them, as there's only so many times you can be looked at like you're mad when you're starting a new way of life.

So I turned to books - waaay before the internet, and even before Amazon(!!). My prized possessions became my books. I studied everything from Ayurveda, Chinese Five Elements, Energy Medicine, Chakras, Essential Oils, Crystals, Reflexology.

I was consumed by it.

Then in my late 20's I rejected it all. I was tired of being the 'odd one out'. Of feeling that I was on my own.

Sometimes I found myself wishing that I didn't know what I knew, like in The Matrix, I wish I'd taken the other pill, and stayed numb to the information and experiences I'd had.

But it wasn't long before the desire for my own truth and discovering my Soul's purpose came knocking once more.

This time older, and possibly wiser, I knew this could no longer be ignored.

I set off on my Quest again, and this time found what I had always longed for!

I discovered my calling, my Soul's Purpose.

For the first time in my life I felt deeply connected, and knew that I have come home.

My Journey had brought me full circle.

Back to what I had always been and done, but been too afraid to own.

I have walked this path for decades, and will continue to walk it forever more.

As I looked back over the years I realised that there was a very clear pattern that occurred, and this pattern was not unique to me, all of my clients could relate to it too.

As I researched more, I became aware that this was the archetypal pattern of life, a pattern that connects us to ourselves, and the world around us. It could even be found in the ancient myths of old, and in modern day films.

It reflected the journey that every woman who has ever listened to that small voice inside of her, or trusted that which she can't see, must take.

It's a journey of initiation.

A rite of passage of owning your own power, believing in yourself, even when others doubt you, and of trusting in your own abilities.

It's about reclaiming all of you, healing past hurts, and celebrating success.

This is The SHEro's Journey.

This is the journey I'm going to guide you through throughout SHEro Mystery School, so you can navigate the ebbs and flow, and the trials and tribulations you face in life.

And once you have these tools, you can use them forever more. Being prepared, and more confident to face any challenges, and embrace any opportunities with clarity and the power of your fullest self.


"Rebecca Kane is a highly Gifted Healer and Guide who is deeply connected to the emerging challenges of women on the path home to their truth. Her depth of wisdom and clarity of insight provide safe and sure treading as we journey back to our SHEro selves and reclaim our full power.

Her accuracy, understanding and love filled guidance is soothing and profound to receive; this women will elevate you and speed your journey beyond what you may perceive as possible.

Working with Rebecca is an investment in decades of wisdom refined that will align your more deeply with yourself and swiftly remove the hidden barriers to your full emergence.

I truly have deep admiration and soul appreciation for Rebecca, and honor her work as deeply significant for the progress of our worldwide sisterhood." Lysa Black


Reawaken Your Inner SHEro.
Reconnect to your SACRED PURPOSE.

12 months of deep connection, transformational circle, and empowering support

Starting Monday 16th October 2017

Limited Places

Paid in Full $3,500

(Payment plans available)

SIGN UP before the 6th September 2017

And receive a FREE ticket to attend my two day workshop
'Everyday Magic for SHEro's' (value $500)

We'll explore how you can name and claim your own magic, and bring more sacredness into your everyday life with joy and ease.

We'll perform sacred ceremony, create enchanted tools, laugh, and share stories.

It will be the perfect beginning for our time together in SHEro Mystery School.